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Composite Steel Structure Ltd. is a concern of Composite Group. The company has its diversified capabilities to cater in different sector of construction services. It is working for pre-fabricated steel buildings of industrial buildings, commercial buildings, vacation homes, residential buildings, sports complex, powerhouses, religious complex, agricultural complex etc.

it has completed many steel buildings with RCC constructions from single storied to multistoried buildings for Government, Semi-Government, Autonomous, Multinational, Local Companies etc.

The unique strength of the company is its’ research & innovation capacity. It has developed “self-shuttering” system that will save money, time & extensity the aesthetics of the structures. Probably for the first time in the country, it has also developed the system to manufacture 8.8 graded nut bolts in Bangladesh. It is now going on research for developing or using pre-stressed slab in the ground slab to make it more convenient to transport/shifting.

Main strength of the company its management & human resources. It has highly trained and experienced technical personnel. The design & experienced team is working continuously to develop the perfect design that fulfill the main two theme of the company

  • “Safe & Economic Design & Implementation”
  • “Doing the right thing at the first time"
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