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Construction general

Yes, most of the skyscrapers of the world have been built by pre-engineering steel building system. Even in Bangladesh, a lot of multistoried building is now being building by this method.

Actually, the cost mostly depends on the requirement of the building. If you need to build a building where you need longer column to column distance then the SBS is cheaper than RCC. There are other factors too. So only after the design the cost of RCC & SBS can be compared.

Here one very important point is the construction time & its financial impact. A building can be usable with a very short span of time, the financially it is very much viable if anyone goes with the SBS.

There are number of benefits for using SBS. Among them the key benefits are as below:
  Saving of time
  Re-use of steel materials/Reposition of the structure
  High strength
  Better uniformity
  Better elasticity
  Better ductility
  Better toughness
  Extension to existing structure
  Easy installation

Usually in Bangladesh, SBS is used in the following sype of structures:
  Factory/Industrial Buildings
  Commercial Buildings
  Foot over bridges
  Vacation Homes
  Building to Building Connection Bridges
  Religious Buildings
  Conventions Hall or Public Hall etc.

Actually, it depends on multiple factors like User requirements. Load, Location & Height of the buildings.
Commonly for warehouse with the following features:
  Height 20ft
  Side Sheeting 12ft (Brick wall 20 ft)
  Translucent sheet (Fiber Glass) at each alternative gap
  Column/Grid at 20 ft interval.
The usual cost is about BDT 350~450. If there is any mezzanine floor then for that part the cost would be BDT 800~900. (Note: the cost is only for the steel part i.e. except RCC or Civil work cost).

For the Multistoried Building
The Cost is BDT 800~1000 for light industries like Garments (where the floor height is about 12 ft and the side-walls, floors etc. are by Civil works) where the cost has been calculated only for the framing steel part.

The most common of the building is usually rectangle (Length & Width depends on the land size) in shape and the height is commonly used for single storied 20 ft at the end which is known as eave height. In addition, for the multistoried it is usually 12 ft from floor to floor height.

Quality can be ensured by several ways in several times in SBS. During production, one can take sample and get test result about the materials. One can also take several test like the materials test, welding test etc. even after the delivery of the materials at site before erection. Furthermore, quality test of SBS is more reliable than RCC works.

Usually/Commonly the steel structure is more stronger that RCC structures. It has more earthquake bearing capacity. And if SBS is regularly maintained then the SBS structures would be more durable.


Both system are safe for construction. But one must be careful for the design which should be vetted by senior specialist or designers. And besides, During constructions, one should be very much careful for maintaining the terms & conditions that has been mentioned by the designer/s.

One must adopt the safety procedure during erection of materials. Specially the erectors must wearing safety wears like: safety belt, boot, gloves, helmet during the erection time. And the team works must be synchronized properly otherwise an unsafe situation may take place. About the other safety procedures you may follow the safety procedures from the website.