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Successful (R&D)

8.8 Graded Nut & Bolt

    Now a day, the growing concern for the safer building has increased immensely the requirement for the good quality of nut-bolts. For structural member, 8.8 graded nut & bolt are highly recommended. However, availability of consistent quality of nut bolt is not available in market. And the price of branded 8.8 graded nut & bolts is too high. In this context, after three years of continuous research, CSSL has developed nut & bolts which conforms to ASTM F568 High- Tensile Class 8.8 Bolts. Basically, the price of the developed nut & bolt is very much reasonable. The nut & bolts can be manufactured as per customer requirements.

Blocked Flooring System

    It is evident that homogenous floor casting system the shifting/transportation of floors is not possible. So when it is required to shift the floors from one place to another place, the owner become frustrated to find the amount of loss or wastage of money. CSSL research team is trying to develop a light weight but strong flooring system to support the transportation of floor/floor blocks in a convenient & cost-effective way.