H 320 (6th Flr), R 21, DOHS Mohakhali, Dhaka

Prefabricated Steel Building

We are one of the best steel building manufacturer of Bangladesh. We have completed more hundreds of buildings, power plants’ buildigns, bridges, warehouses, industrial buildings, foot over bridges, public halls like convention halls, religious installations, agricultural buildings etc. We are researching on buildings for adaptive new technologies to make the constructions economic & faster. We already developed self-shuttering system which gives us a unique selling point (USP) and also gives our client’s comfort in cost & timing. It also provide an unique aesthetic roofing for the clients.

Construction Works

We have also vast experience in construction of water structures, sea structures, buildings, roads, power plants, drainage etc. We have completed the largest river based slipways of Bangladesh where there were 13 lines of slipways. We have completed multiple civil construction works which enhanced our experience in the construction line.

Design Works

Our world class architects & structural designers has the amazing quality of designing the tall building, bridges etc. Our design advisor has invented the method to construct one kilometer high building which has been principally accepted by USA, European consultants. Our Chief Designer has invented the self shuttering method which infact reduces the price of design or construction.

Interior Works

As we have number of Architects in our panel, so we are also involved in many interiors for local, national & multinational companies. We have completed number hotel’s, office’s, residential building interiors. Our aesthetic sense always give our clients better & comfortable place for living or works.

Nut & Bolts Making

We are very much proud to declare that we are among the pioneer of manufacturing high strength Nut & Bolts. Our Nut & Bolts fully conforms to ASTM F568 High-Tensile Class 8.8 Bolts. Our Nut & Bolts can be used as structural joints.

IT Services

We have another part who are involved in developing customized software. We have developed HR management software, Customer Relation Management Software etc. for Government, Semi Government & Local Companies.

Supplying Equipment

Our one part is also involved in supplying the international equipment. We have number of international suppliers for supplying various equipment for educational labs, ports, various industrial installations etc.